Electronic top up promotion

Up to 20% Bonus!

The offer is valid until cancellation for NeoPhone Calling Card and NetTelefon users, if balance is topped up electronically.

10-20% bonus to every top up over 1 000 Ft.

The maximum bonus values during the promotion:

  2 000 HUF +10%     + 200HUF  total value: 2 200 HUF
  5 000 HUF  +15%    + 750 HUF  total value: 5 750 HUF
10 000 HUF +20%    + 2 000 HUF total value: 12 000 HUF

VAT included 

Electronic top up at:
  • OTP Bank’s ATMs
  • OTP Direct Internet service
  • Any of the POS terminals at 800 news stands across the country (Lapker network: Relay, Inmedio etc.)
  • At independent retail shops marked with NeoPhone top up logo
  • Online at english.neophone.hu
Please note that topping up the NetTelefon balance by moving current balance from a NeoPhone Calling Card is not considered as an electronic transaction and no bonus will be given. 

Try out the NeoPhone NetTelefon with a free opening balance!

We offer 300,- Ft bonus balance, if you register now!

In order to receive the bonus balance, do the following steps:
  1. Sign up here.
  2. Enter the user page.
  3. Select „Bonus balance”.
  4. Enter your mobile telephone number. After that you will receive an SMS with a unique code required for validating the bonus balance.
  5. Select the „SMS Bonus” menu point at the user page and enter your mobile number and the code you received in the SMS. After that, 300 Ft will be added to your balance.
  6. NeoPhone NetTelefon is at your service.