Service Description

Telephony – Video telephony – Chat
Live connection in 2 minutes!


NeoPhone - NetTelefon is an Internet-based (VoIP) telephony service with low usage fees, a virtual phone number that can be called as the destination number and unprecedented extra services. To make phone calls via the internet all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. You can also use an IP phone set instead of a computer. All you have to do to telephone is register: there is no contract, no one-off or monthly fee – and we guarantee low usage fees!
What Do You Need To use the Service?

  • An Internet connection
  • A computer c/w a headset or an IP phone set
  • 2 minutes for registration 


What Are the Advantages of NeoPhone?

  • Within the NeoPhone network, you can make phone calls everywhere in the world
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • Other people can also call you at your NeoPhone number
  • No commitment (no loyalty declaration required)
  • Significant (as high as 30%) saving from telephone expenses
  • Second-based billing 


Extra Services:

  • Customer Service
  • Live Technical helpdesk – 7/24
  • Online access to the account balance info

  • Call details available online
  • The service can also be used as a Virtual Call Card

  • ClassiP tariff package – online prepaid balance crediting with a bank card or a NeoPhone call card, via OTP Bank’s ATMs or the POS terminals installed at Lapker newsagents’ and independent points of sale