FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Account Balance Crediting
Client Programs (X-Lite)
Usage Fees
NeoPhone Service

Account Balance Crediting

QL1 - Is it possible to put credit on a NeoPhone call card balance?
The balances of NeoPhone cards available in retail stores can be recharged at our reseller partners, via a POS terminal (similarly to money crediting to mobile balances).
You can credit money to your existing NeoPhone call card by entering your 10-digit serial number or by making a call to our “Nettelefon” (“NetPhone”) number (with the 21 area code), telling the operator your phone number. The following amounts can be put on your balance: HUF 1000, HUF 2000, HUF 5000 or HUF 10 000.
Please look for POS terminals at Lapker’s “Relay” and “Inmedio” stands or at retail stores with our balance crediting sticker.

Client Programs (X-Lite)

QL2 - How do I have to set my IDs in the program?

The small icon on the left hand side of the CLEAR sign is the "menu": if you click on this, the Main menu window will open. You can move among the window’s menu items using the little arrows on the left, the arrow buttons on your keyboard or with the mouse. Once you have selected an item, click on SELECT. (You can also open an item by double clicking.) You only have to select the SIP Proxy menu item’s [Default] element and there set the parameters going through the process described above.

QL3 - How can I delete the X-Lite Softphone program?
To delete the X-Lite Softphone program from your computer, you have to run the unins000.exe program from the install directory (default location: Program files / X-Lite directory).
QL4 - Is there a need for some special setting if we want to use several clients from an internal network?
There is no need for any special setting (e.g.: port forward). There may be several clients in the network and all of them will work.
QL5 - Is it possible to do the following with X-Lite (or the new client): -recall, -have conference calls, -transfer calls?
These services are currently unavailable: we are working on their development.
QL6 - What ports should be permitted on the firewall?
For its operation, the program needs the following ports:
Port type and number – Service
UDP 3478 - STUN
UDP 5060 - SIP
UDP 8000 - RTP
UDP 8001 - RTCP
An additional two ports are necessary over the 8001 port for the use of each additional line.
For instance, if you are using the second line, you will be using the 8002-8003 port.
QL7 - What message will the program send me if I performed the configuration correctly and it is operational?
Logged in - Enter Phone Number
Your number is: 7xxxxx vagy 0621xxxxxxx
QL8 - What do the error messages of X_Lite mean?

- Call failed: 404 User Not Found / A non-existing number has been called
- Call failed: 486 Busy here / your partner is busy
- Login Failed: Contact Network Admin / you have entered wrong configuration data
- Call Failed: 403 Forbidden / For some reason, you are not authorised to make calls or the service is temporarily unavailable
- Call Failed: 408 TimeOut / The called party is unavailable and does not have an answering machine


QL9 - Do wireless solutions exist (telephone, headset)?
When you are using the client software, you can also connect a Bluetooth headset to your computer. With an ATA unit, you can also use your existing wireless phone set. There are several manufacturers (e.g. ZYXEL) that even sell portable IP telephones, which are also capable of using the service.
QL10 - Is it possible to connect a fax machine to the ATA unit?


Usage Fees

QL11 - How are the costs of calls counted?
Calls are charged by the second. The account balance amount can be fully used to cover usage fees and there is no monthly or call set-up fee.
QL12 - When is the call detail list updated?
Every hour.
QL13 - What is an „inland priority area”?
If you call a number belonging to an “inland priority area” using the telephony software, you always pay the tariff that is published on the web page.

NeoPhone Service

QL14 - What do I need to be able to use the service?

1. Is there a need for a computer to use the NeoPhone service?
- Not necessarily. The service can be used directly, using an IP phone set or an ATA unit.
2. What computer configuration do I need?
- The recommended minimum PC configuration is: Pentium I, 128M RAM, sound card
3. What type of operating system do I need to use the service?
- any kind of operating system for which there exists an SIP-compatible SoftPhone client software
4. Broadband Internet access (DSL, KábelNet)

QL15 - Is it possible to call a number that is connected to a call centre?


QL16 - Can other people call me at my NeoPhone number?

Yes! NeoPhone telephone numbers can be reached not only from within the network but also from fixed lines and even mobile phones. One only has to dial 8888-181 in Budapest or 888-181 outside Budapest and then enter the NeoPhone number s/he wants to reach when the number is requested by the machine operator. If you are not available, the calling party may leave you a message, which will be forwarded to you by email.
If made from a fixed-line network, such calls will be charged the tariffs of local calls and the fees of calls will have to be paid to the fixed-line service provider. For the costs of local calls, please turn to the customer service of your fixed-line service provider: call tariffs depend on the service provider, the package you are using and your discounts in the package (if any). If a NeoPhone number is called from a mobile phone, the mobile service tariff has to be paid to the mobile service provider.

QL17 - Can „colour numbers” (06-40; 06-80) be called using the NeoPhone service?
With the NeoPhone service, it is not possible to call the so-called “colour numbers” (06-40; 06-80) or “short numbers” (e.g.: 1750).
QL18 - How can I make phone calls to destinations outside the network?

If you want to make an inland call, please dial the destination number together with the area code (example: 061xxxxxxx – a number in Budapest).

If you want to make a call to a destination outside Budapest, you should also dial the destination number together with the area code (example: 0674xxxxxx – a number in Szekszárd)

International destinations: after “00”, dial the country code and the phone number (example: 0047xxxxxxxxx – a call to Norway)

QL19 - Is there a need for a computer to use the NeoPhone service?
Not necessarily. The service can be used directly from an IP phone set or using an ATA unit.
QL20 - What bandwidth does the program require?
The codec, which is responsible for sound compression, requires a bandwidth of 64 Kbps.
QL21 - What is „SIP”?
The acronym “SIP” stands for “Session Initiation Protocol”. You can find numerous descriptions of this technology on the Internet
QL22 - What happens if the called number is busy?
You will get the “busy” signal.
QL23 - What happens if I call a non-existing NeoPhone number?
You will get the automatic answer "The number you have dialled does not exist".
QL24 - What happens if my NeoPhone partner is not logged in?
You will get the automatic answer "The number you have dialled is not available at the moment". After this automatic message, you can leave a message for the called party. Your message will be forwarded to your partner’s email address by email (in waw format).
QL25 - What type of Internet service do I need to use the service?
You need a broadband Internet access (DSL, KábelNet,)
QL26 - What type of operating system do I need to use the service?
What type of operating system do I need to use the service?
QL27 - What are the rules regarding the password?
The password belonging to the username must be at least 6 but not more than 8 characters long and should be different from the username.
QL28 - What computer configuration do I need?
Recommended minimum PC configuration: Pentium I, 128M RAM, sound card.
QL29 - What should I select from the „Select Additional Tasks” list?
Leave the boxes ticked out.
QL30 - Which answer should I choose in the Setup-License Agreement window?
Select this: "I accept the agreement".