NeoPhone services:

  • User platforms in Hungarian, English and French 
  • Fully compatible with the NeoPhone network 
  • Video telephony
  • Chat 
  • Calling line display
  • Calling line identification
  • Microphone and loudspeaker configuration 
  • Recording of calls
  • Call logbook
  • User status display


     Download: NeoPone-Ekiga (21,5MB)

After installation, you will first see the “setting wizard” („beállítás varázsló”) upon program start.



After entering your name, phone number and password, the program will check the Internet network, then the sound system and the web camera (if any).


At this stage, your machine is ready for telephoning.


*If you wish to later modify your phone number or other data, you can do so in the “edit/accounts” (“szerkesztés/felhasználói fiókok”) menu.




Click on neophone sip service and, under properties, you can modify the numbers. In this case, you should remember that you have to scroll down the “further settings” (“További beállítások”) menu and must enter the same numbers here.





When you switch on your machine, you should see the following message. Accessing (“Bejelentkezve a következőre”): .

You can initiate a phone call in the bottom corner of the screen.

You can enter the destination phone number after “sip”, then to make a phone call, you must click on the “plug and socket” icon. (The same should be used to terminate the call.)


You can also dial with the mouse: just click on “dial buttons” (“tárcsázó gombok”).

At “calls” (“hívások”), you will find the list of incoming and outgoing calls.


Under the last tab you will see the picture of the web camera (when you use video telephony).