The NeoPhone Call Card is a versatile card, which can be used for the following:

  • make phone calls abroad from anywhere in Hungary cheap,
  • call Hungary from abroad for low usage fees, 
  • use the Internet cheap,
  • put money on your NeoPhone NetTelefon (ClassiP) balance – and make phone calls even cheaper via the Internet >>
  • pay via the World Wide Web for different content services (ringtone and music downloads, etc.) in a secure way.


The NeoPhone call card is a plastic card in the size of a credit card. On its reverse side, under a layer removable by scratching, you will find the secret code that you will need to use the service. The call cards, available with the HUF 1000, HUF 2000 and HUF 5000 amounts, are valid for 6 months from the start of usage. If you put credit on your card before this period expires, the validity period will be extended by an additional 6 months.


NeoPhone Call Card – Advantages:

  1. available at over 4000 sites throughout Hungary,
  2. excellent sound quality,
  3. easy usage,
  4. exceptionally low usage fees,
  5. no connection or call set-up fee,

  6. clear price structure,
  7. second-based billing,
  8. account balance info by phone or via the Internet,
  9. call details available for viewing on the Internet,

  10. code-free calling – possible to set on the phone and via the Internet ,

  11. customer service, 

  12. available from fixed lines, mobile phones and public phones alike,

  13. the telephony service can also be used to credit money to your account balance.