2000 Ft bonus.

International calls, local prices.

In addition to the low prices, you get additional bonuses this spring. Talk as long as you want: if you recharge your balance, we add up to 2000 Ft bonus to the amount.

Holidays, Journeys, NeoPhone.

Tell Tales About Your Holidays!

The calling card is a simple plastic card with the same size as a credit card. Just dial the number on the card, and you can immediately make international calls to your loved ones to tell your tales about the holidays. 
Distance is not a barrier anymore: 10 times cheaper phone calls, anytime, anywhere.
We inform You that certain
NeoPhone Calling Card and NetPhone ClassIP call direction tariffs

and related Terms and Conditions have
changed from 1st July 2016

. For current detailed tariff and zone charts, click the links below

here to download

the usage fees of the NeoPhone Calling card service!
here to download

 the usage fees of the NetPhone ClassIP service!

Distributors wanted!

We are looking for retailers to expand our network in Hungary. If you are looking for an agreement which serves mutual interests, feel free to contact us at


Dear Sir/Madam,

as from Sunday, 1st
April 2018, the Provider terminates the NeoPhone ClassIP and NeoPhone VoIPer services.
As a consequence from the date mentioned above, new customer registration or topping up of the existing balances will not be possible.
As from Wednesday 1

August 2018 all of these services and balances connected to the accounts will be irreversibly terminated, thereafter Customers cannot use them anymore.
Hereby we notice you that the services mentioned above will be terminated without cause as from Wednesday 1

August 2018.
These changes will affect the appendix nr. 2, part „C”, 2.1 of the residential; and the appendix nr. 2., 2.1 of the small business General Terms and Conditions.
The NeoPhone calling card will not be affected by the changes mentioned above.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone on 1443, or via email on
Kind regards,