You can now recharge your NeoPhone balance via OTP Bank’s ATMs!


Simply and comfortably:


Since 27 October 2006, it has been possible to recharge all active NeoPhone Call Card and NeoPhone ClassiP account balances at designated newsagents’, at over 1,000 points of sale (e.g. those belonging to the Inmedio and Relay networks). Besides, from 18 March 2008, you can recharge your NeoPhone balance also via any of OTP Bank’s 1,800 ATMs in Hungary.


Owing to an agreement between Invitel Zrt. and OTP Bank Nyrt., from 18 March 2008, NeoPhone card users can credit their NeoPhone call card and NeoPhone-NetTelefon balance directly via OTP Bank’s ATMs.


For that, all you have to do is go to the „Telefonegyenleg feltöltés” (“Telephone account balance crediting”) menu, select the type of balance to be recharged (NeoPhone Call Card or NeoPhone NetTelefon) and – just like when you credit money to your mobile balance – enter the serial number of your existing NeoPhone call card (you can see this in the bottom right corner of your card) or the phone number with the “21” area code (“sip”) and choose the amount you wish to put on your account balance (HUF 1 000, 2 000, 5 000 or 10 000).


And now, a bonus credit will be put on your account after each of the following purchase transaction types – whether they are an account credit on your call card or on your phone balance!


after a HUF 2 000 recharge, the actual new credit will be HUF 2 200

after a HUF 5 000 recharge, the actual new credit will be HUF 5 750

after a HUF 10 000 recharge, the actual new credit will be HUF 12 000

This special offer is valid until withdrawal.