1. Scratch off the layer that hides the code!
2. Dial the number (wait for the operator)!
3. Dial the code (together with the #)!
4. The system will automatically inform you about your actual balance available.
5. Dial the number you want to call, then press # (e.g.: 0086 10 12345678#)!
6. The system will inform you about the usage time available with your balance.



You can use the NeoPhone services via several numbers (your choice). Please read the descriptions of the different options carefully – and telephone with the option that is the most favourable for you!


“GREEN” (TOLL-FREE) NUMBER: 06 80 188 201


If you use the NeoPhone service by dialling 06 80 188 201, your call will be toll-free with your service provider: the full usage fee will be deducted from your NeoPhone balance.


If you dial the “green” number, the following amounts will be debited to your NeoPhone balance over and above the BASIC USAGE FEE, which is set out in the Table of Usage Fees:

During peak hours (HUF/minute)
During off-peak hours (HUF/minute)
From fixed lines
From mobile phones


Peak hours: 07:00-18:00 on working days
Off-peak hours: 18:00-07:00 on working days and all day on other days.
Example: if you call a fixed line in the Italy  from a mobile phone during off-peak hours, the usage fee will be the total of HUF 5,90 + HUF 45.00, HUF i.e. 50,90 HUF per minute. Calling the same destination from a fixed line will cost HUF 5,90 + HUF 10.00,  HUF i.e. HUF 15,90 per minute.

LOCAL NUMBER: (8) 888-201

If you call (8)888-201, only the BASIC USAGE FEES will be deducted from your NeoPhone balance, while you will pay the tariff of your call to the dila-ul number to your fixed-line or mobile service provider. Accurate information about the costs of calls to specific destinations can be collected from your telephone service provider.

The local number can be reached from all inland (Hungarian) fixed and mobile networks.



How to make a “speed dial call”:

You can very quickly call your relatives and acquaintances from your own number (“A” number): you do not have to enter either your user ID or your PIN code. All you have to do is log in at the top of the page using your 10-digit card number and the related code (also entering the #s) and, in the “A” number change menu item, you must enter the phone number of the set (c/w area code) from which you want to make your speed dial call.


As an alternative, you can dial 14541 (machine operator) to register the calling line ID for code-free phone usage: the phone number of the set you are using (fixed or mobile number) will be set under menu item 5. Important: NEVER do this from a public phone!
Under menu item 6 you can delete the calling line ID earlier registered for code-free phone usage: if you do so, you can again make phone calls only after entering the required default codes!
Call termination - # #
To make a new call, press # twice at the end of your call (# #) and immediately dial the new number you want to reach: thus you can make your new call without having to re-enter the codes.


Balance info
After entering your codes via the machine operator service (14541) under menu item 2, the system will immediately inform you about your actual account balance.


Calls to Customer Service
After entering your codes via the machine operator service (14541) under menu item 9 you will be connected to the  NeoPhone Customer Service. Such calls are toll-free!


Call details available online 
You can simply and comfortably look at your call details. All you have to do to access this information is log in at the top of the page using your 10-digit card number and the related password (also entering the #s) and, under “Hívásrészletező” (“Call Details”), select the period for which you want the details of your calls to be displayed.



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