NeoPhone Internet is an ideal option for those who use the World Wide Web on an occasional basis or regularly but for short periods. The advantage of the NeoPhone Internet service is that the user does not have to pay a regular monthly fee: the fees payable for the service are proportionate with actual usage – moreover, the service can be used free of charge during the day in certain cases! To use the NeoPhone Internet service, you need a PC with an analogue or ISDN modem and a phone line.


Internet Usage with a Modem


You can use Internet services via NeoPhone in two ways: you choose which one you want to take!

  1. If you set the 06 51 601 124 dial-up number, the full cost of Internet usage will be calculated with TARIFF "A" and will be deducted from the balance of the NeoPhone Online virtual card, while there will be no costs charged to your home phone bill.
  2. If you set the 06 51 301 124 dial-up number, the cost of Internet usage will be deducted from your NeoPhone Online balance, calculated with the much lower TARIFF "B", while your telephony service provider will charge its Internet usage tariff to your telephone bill. Customers choosing the 06 51 301 124 dial-up number will use the Internet with a HUF 0 Internet usage fee during the day!


At present, this service is available from fixed lines in the service areas of T-Com and Invitel.